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I did not want to leave this uncommented, so for all who want to know it: I’m working with 2 (actually 3, but the 3rd is.. unimportant for now. Just RtK2’s pure groups, nothing besides that). Misc.anki (first) and second core2k.anki (JLPT.anki). My goal for now is mastering core2k and then finishing core6k in order to get ‘the rest’ with 2001KO (uff). After that I will dig deeper into grammar/more audio. I somehow get extreme headache after a short time of listening to Japanese media o0. This is strange, does anybody know a rational reason for that? Basically I can understand only ‘porridge’ and it’s difficult to concentrate on what they say. All i understandisthiswithoutanyspace and it’s horrible.

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