Catastrophe in Japan

I cannot imagine that any one living on this planet has not heard what happened in Japan. There was an earthquake, the strongest since decades, there was a tsunami and now a nuclear power plant is causing immensely troubles. As discussed – stop the hysteria and panic! Therefore I do not want to write anything more about this topic. Everybody knows what happened and that’s purely enough. Not being the only not knowing what the rest is talking and pretending to worry about. Honestly, the spot was never on Japan before, at least not in the German media. It seems like media needs this hysteria, this panic, this information of catastrophe, devastation, destruction, dead people. Something they cannot believe. And this pisses me off. There is nothing in the world, the media would have informed the people about the topic ‘Japan’ before the catastrophe. The happening turn Japan into something special and like a poem is being torn apart while interpreting line by line, word by words, perhaps even letter by letter (I state this as totally perverted!), everybody is speculating wildly, spreading rumours perhaps.

That’s it.

I’m glad having received a notice from my Japanese penpal – he is alive; the only reason he is planning to leave Japan is that he is unsure what will be next and how much information the Japanese government is keeping back actually. He wants to use the chance escaping from Japan as long as it is still possible. Who knows what will be next, concretely. Nobody. I hope he will be safe.

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