Making SRS more effective (= more immersion)

Today I came across this website, whose author suggests, informs and guides you through the jungle of SRS (spaced repetition software/system) and how to use it more efficiently during your Japanese language studies throughout the day. Lately I recognised I was putting the words I learned in Chemistry for example, oxidation, reduction and redoxreaction, into my Japanese anki deck file. It felt like I was asking and bothering a native speaker with a question like this: “*any native speaker*, what does xyz mean in Japanese?” See also the this link to the AJATT page for further details and illustrations.

Well I ended up now having an own ‘chemistry’ (化学) tag in this anki deck! The point is, I need the vocabulary almost every day even at school; most of the time I have chemistry at school and these words are mentioned all the time, therefore I force myself to repeat them parallely, simultanously, in Japanese, naturally as well. After a while it will hopefully go over into my habits, too.

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