RTK 1 and 2

For coming summer I decided, when I finished – as planned – with core6k, going through RTK1 again and finishing up nearly with kanji as far as possible. In cause of that I created (with the friendly advise of nest0r@koohii.com!) an anki deck containing the German keywords of the german “Remember the Kanji” version, called “Die Kanji lernen und behalten”.

If you are interested in getting this deck file, contact me — or not.

Screenshot of the deck. Perhaps sentence and audio containing the compounds words could be added, but I do not know how to do that yet in Anki/plugins. If you know it, contact me, thanks. Ricefield. Puddle.

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2 Responses to RTK 1 and 2

  1. Why are you going to go through the whole process again? Work on memorizing or writing vocab and compounds by hand, and memorize those instead, rather than going down the single kanji lane again. ;)

  2. Tori-senpai says:

    Well, I should *have* posted the deck, dear Nagareboshi! I think it indeed *is* worth to do as I wrote above, as this, special, deck contains more than ‘just’ kanji, but also the compounds from KO2001 as far as I can see!! (which would hellishly clever and smart doing right after finishing core6k :P)
    I will post the download link for your convenience and a screenshot. Have fun.
    Oh, I forgot: I deleted the English keywords, but you can easily add them (download again nukemarine’s RtK1and3 deck and import the ‘keyword’ row in Anki).

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