core2k – Progresses, successes

Just felt like posting my current status of the main deck in Anki for evaluation/comments and suggestions!!


Deck Statistics

Deck created: 2,4 months ago
Total number of cards: 2493
Total number of facts: 2493

Card Maturity
Mature cards: 1221 (49,0%)
Young cards: 884 (35,5%)
Unseen cards: 388 (15,6%)
Average interval: 38,8 days

Correct Answers
Mature cards: 90,5% (555 of 613)
Young cards: 83,4% (13459 of 16130)
First-seen cards: 32,1% (776 of 2416)

Recent Work

In last week 2106 reps/7 days
In last month 7930 reps/29 days
In last 3 months 19159 reps/68 days
In last 6 months 19159 reps/68 days
In last year 19159 reps/68 days
Deck life 19159 reps/68 days

Average Daily Reviews

Deck life 154,6 cards/day
In next week 98,9 cards/day
In next month 48,8 cards/day
In last week 300,9 cards/day
In last month 264,3 cards/day
In last 3 months 208,2 cards/day
In last 6 months 105,3 cards/day
In last year 52,5 cards/day

Average Added

Deck life 34,7/day, 1040,5/mon
In last week 0 (0,0/day)
In last month 0 (0,0/day)
In last 3 months 0 (0,0/day)
In last 6 months 2493 (13,7/day)
In last year 2493 (6,8/day)

Average New Seen

In last week 172 (24,6/day)
In last month 689 (23,0/day)
In last 3 months 2416 (26,3/day)
In last 6 months 2416 (13,3/day)
In last year 2416 (6,6/day)

Card Ease
Lowest factor: 1.90
Average factor: 2.50
Highest factor: 2.81

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2 Responses to core2k – Progresses, successes

  1. aphasiac says:

    hey, good job that you finished! you beat me to the end of the deck, lol!

    Not sure how to read your stats, but I am confused – why do you have 2493 cards, when Core 2000 only had 2000 words/sentences? Have you been creating different types of cards or something?!

    Keep up the good work, see you on kanji.koohi.

  2. Tori-senpai says:

    Haha! It’s no competition, is it? It’s just fun, aphasiac! I also would like to improve my poor english skills and would be grateful to come in contact with you. Surely we find topics we could chat about via email. But anyway, back to topic :)

    It’s not competition, is it? lol My core2k deck is actually something special, as I just downloaded the Japanese corePLUS deck and extracted all the vocabs (and their respective sentences with audio) from JLPT N3 (which I expected to be an equivalent for ‘core2k’) and named the whole thing core2k.anki. Simple. I didn’t care so far that mine has almost ~2500 words (less for the core6k afterwards, right?).

    I hope you are doing well and watch your listening comprehension.
    It seems like THIS is in fact the most difficult. All the losers crying about kanji have no idea what real Japanese is like. Kanji had been a piece of cake, seriously, compared to listening and talking :D Just an impression.

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