12 days in pictures

Well, haven’t written down anything here in the last month. I was quite busy following school, learning how to drive a car (oh well boy!) and naturally I had been learning Japanese. Here the result in pictures.

* UBJG deck in anki was omitted.. I was tired, just tired and it wasn’t fun really, therefore, following Khatz’ principle, I deleted it.

* Approaching the end of Genki 2 and workbook.

Suggestions and comments are welcome!!!

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6 Responses to 12 days in pictures

  1. NoSleepTilFluent says:

    Thats pretty fast reviews. I still don’t understand how people do that. I was all proud of my 425 in 75 minutes. Now i see these at like 800 in the the same time >.< Nice post after i figured out where to look at the pictures. at first i was looking at them like "Okay he has 205 new cards to do today" then glance down and see 1000+ reviews its like Awwhh i see. lol Good job. Do work.

  2. Tori-senpai says:

    Well, my average is about 60 minutes about ~590-620 cards.

    Hm, since there was a computer crash that deleted virtually all of my progress, I have to start with 1400 reviews, which is really hard.
    I have to visit school and write my thesis on evolution of birds right now, on top of that I have to prepare for the last exams of the 11th class coming up in one week and I’d like to finish of the (old) JLPT3 grammar with the UNICOM script available.

    Concerning the jlpt.anki deck reviews I only can tell that I get the 1000 reviews mark only because I’m really really fast in reading Japanese and switch off the annoying sound, if I have headache (which I do have often enough >.<).
    Sometimes, you will see it on the pictures, I do not have as many reviews, because I simply listened to the sentence-audio; also I do not have vocab-audio switched on.

  3. nosleeptilfluent says:

    After seeing everyone on wordpress and how nice everyone’s blog looks. I switched over to wordpress and I gotta say it’s awesome compared to blogger. I added your blog to the links on my page. よろしくお願いします。

  4. Tori-senpai says:


  5. Toyoko says:

    I’m still figuring out how I like to get my Anki on, and by extension my Japanese learnin’. One recent thing I’ve been getting into is the 類語辞典(るいごじてん) on my Mac. I do not know which thesaurus it is based on (the 国語辞典 appears to be based directly on the 大辞泉. Kind of wish I knew that before I got the iPhone app…) but it often will contain little charts for how the “synonyms” are used differently. Would be of limited use for certain grammar points, but can be a great resource. Apparently そうだ cannot be used for 今日晴れる___ったが、雨が降った。(はれる・ふる)The listed synonym とのことだ、however, can be used in the sentence. If you’re having trouble differentiating between similar things 国語辞典 can also be of great use as they define words instead of giving a synonym in a different language (元気=Vigor…). However with grammar a thesaurus with tables might be better yet

  6. Tori-senpai says:

    I just stay on the “safe” and working, simple side jp-eng. Monolinguality would take time to get used to it again and to be honest, I regard this time as lost time:)

    I increasingly recognise my grammar knowledge is in fact a problem and at a comparably low leve having a look at the mass of vocabulary I know actively and passively. The more I practice my input by reviewing the bigger my active vocabulary grows. For your reference and information, lang-8.com is *the* website to practice a) writing, this is b) production and c) getting a correction by native speakers for free, d) getting in contact with them, e) [psychological] daring to produce, f) daring to make mistakes. g), of course, using active vocabs [and getting corrected~]

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