Since I’m also doing a particle deck in my anki srs I started wondering where special differences are between special expression or set phrases. In their translated meaning they are absolutely identical, even given as the definition in Japanese (意味: —).

Too lazy to quote something from Kanzen Master 2kyuu now :P Have to review~

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2 Responses to Differences

  1. ta132 says:

    Monolingual dictionaries come to mind for these types of things. I’ve been meaning to find out if there are ways of adding monolingual look-ups to the srs(anki) in an automated fashion. Would save me a lot of time and other learners as well. Although it would have to have auto-generated readings for that field(thanks to anki this is possible)

  2. bokusenou says:

    I second monolingual dictionaries, especially in EPWING format because the multi-dictionary search is really useful!

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