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Overweight and Aneurexia nervosa (?)

I increasingly recognise my grammar knowledge (= suffering under aneurexia nervosa. Just 1kg!!!!) is in fact a problem and at a comparably low level, having a look at the mass of vocabulary I know actively and passively (like JLPT2 = … Continue reading

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Rikai-chan mod, status

For those learning Japanese and using already the precious plugin for Firefox called Rikai-chan, I’d recommend installing cb’s mod from instead, since it has even better features now, making it possible learning Japanese more effectively. Checkout the website. … Continue reading

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Conjecture, Hearsay and the conditional

Conjecture, Hearsay and the conditional in Japanese are still a big hassle for me when it comes formulating own sentences rather when reading a sentence. When I read a sentence and I recognise the typical forms for conditionals such as … Continue reading

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