Rikai-chan mod, status

For those learning Japanese and using already the precious plugin for Firefox called Rikai-chan, I’d recommend installing cb’s mod from koohii.com instead, since it has even better features now, making it possible learning Japanese more effectively.

Checkout the koohii.com website. The add-on gets updated frequently and has gotten another name now. Also it has the feature of importing cards directly into an opened Anki deck. For instructions in more detail and troubleshooting bugger cb4960 :P

I’m getting my head into 4500 vocabs right now. I still find myself struggling with simple grammar, or rather basic grammar points, like

  • causative
  • passive
  • causative-passive

I find also that srsing the Kanzen Master 3 deck in Anki will boost my skills concerning grammar. Counting all cards together including the Kanzen Master JLPT2 cards, I’d manage to go through the most basic grammar aspects by the end of my summer vacation in August, hopefully.

Update: For those having recognised, there is a new category in the sidebar for the regular updates of cb’s Rikai Mod (having an own – new – name now, I forgot *ugh*). Thought it will attract more users like that perhaps. At least this good work deserves an own page!

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