Overweight and Aneurexia nervosa (?)

I increasingly recognise my grammar knowledge (= suffering under aneurexia nervosa. Just 1kg!!!!) is in fact a problem and at a comparably low level, having a look at the mass of vocabulary I know actively and passively (like JLPT2 = massive overweight. A ton.). The more I practice my input by reviewing the bigger my active vocabulary grows.

For your reference and information (I wrote this in a comment in one post below, but just to keep it for the reference here), lang-8.com is *the* website to practice

  • a) writing, this is
  • b) production and
  • c) getting a correction by native speakers for free,
  • d) getting in contact with them,
  • e) [psychological] daring to produce,
  • f) daring to make mistakes.
  • g), of course, using active vocabs [and getting corrected~]

But I also recognised myself GRAMMAR DECKS in anki won’t do any harm on me. <3

If anyone could provide me sincerely the original koohii.com Kanzen decks, drop me a link/send me an email, thanks! I just do own a copy of the books, not the originals, unfortunately inavailable in my country..

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One Response to Overweight and Aneurexia nervosa (?)

  1. カナ says:

    Hey there! This is CarolinaCG from Koohii.

    Nice, nice blog!

    Look, about the grammar deck… I can’t help you that but I assure you that your grammar skill will increase a lot from srsing grammar! I don’t study grammar formally for like 4 months, have only been using anki, and I’m so glad!

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