What’s more of use?

I wonder, since I am finishing Kanzen Master JLPT3 in Anki today (actually yesterday!), I wondered what to take next for grammar examination in Anki since that worked pretty well and I can see the progress in my writings on lang-8.com quite clearly. The effect that deck definitely had on me, is the same with the All About Particles deck: I can read and parse sentences more easily and understand what I read – though, perhaps not if I heard it :(

I do have the Kanzen Master JLPT2 anki deck, which looks decent. On the other hand I’m afraid of preceding too fast and missing lots of nuances in the “basic” grammar, like written in DoBJG. Perhaps I should go through it before the next Kanzen deck to make sure not having missed anything. Suspending sentences like ジョンさんは先生に叱られた。 in the beginning would be also an option, wouldn’t be it?

I need a decision — and I’m so bad at making them.:(

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3 Responses to What’s more of use?

  1. カナ says:

    Hey, you have to send me the pm you sent me to koohii again, but through other means because I can’t see pm’s there : P

    Send me a message to my email or blog ;)


    Btw, where did you get kanzen master 2 deck?

  2. Tori-senpai says:

    I was offered kindly a spreadsheet of the book. ^^

    What would you suggest? Shall I preceed or review ultimately everything I learnt so far with DoBJG-deck? Or is that a waste of time? I know almost 6000 words and would really like to get further, to intermediate, but yet my listening skills are so.. bad.

    I added your blog on my blog-link list, if you don’t mind.

  3. カナ says:

    I’d say go for both. That’s what I’d do, but I’m one of those person who tries to learn everything to perfection.

    Keep listening. Some months ago listening skills were by far my worst skills, now I think they’re one of the best.

    Nice, I’ll add your blog to my blog list too :D

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