JLPT2 – 04th Decembre 2011?

What do you think – worth a try? Wasted money? Quite possible?

I’m hesitant :x

Update: I should be perhaps a bit more concrete. So far I hadn’t had problems with the grammar presented in Kanzen Master JLPT2 and I only made 2-3 mistakes in the test section which makes me quite confident. I had a brief glance through some available mock exams and must say that the vocabulary/kanji section will be a piece of cake for me, where as I recognised how bad my listening would fail at the listening section. The ressources I found where for the old JLPT2, but I suppose not much changed concerning the new level (perhaps more grammar orientated towards JLPT1 already). By the time of the test I will have reached already about 8000 words, so this will be plenty and also enough kanji (~80% of jouyou kanji)..

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4 Responses to JLPT2 – 04th Decembre 2011?

  1. ta132 says:

    I’d say take the chance. You learn from your failures. I’m planning on taking JLPT level 1 this december. But I’m still waiting on getting a laptop(been behind on my srsing for a while now but my immersion is still there). Anyhow, if you keep up with your srsing and study actively but also dive into other things your not good at(news perhaps,etc). And you should naturally gety better at reading kanji/understanding it.

  2. Bokusenou says:

    Go for it! If you don’t pass it this year, at least you’ll know more of what to expect for next year’s test. Besides, after reading books in Japanese, the reading passages on the test seemed so easy. ^^ Immerse yourself in the language (like you are now), and it shouldn’t be too hard. Do past tests as well.

    • Tori-senpai says:

      Nah.. i will take it in summer. My listening is far too bad and I know that not passing would demotivate me as hell and I’d perhaps even stop going further. So far, I want to take the test in summer in Tokyo next year after residing there for a while and getting to talk to people face-to-face at some point.

  3. Bokusenou says:

    OK, that’s cool too! Taking it in Japan should be interesting. The pass rates are usually higher in Japan, then internationally. Just don’t take a fail personally if it happens. Think of it like a challenge to learn more about Japanese.

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