core6k: 5000/5881

Finally! It was such a long way from core2k after I finished it and at lots of points I was just thinking of quitting the whole thing. But I didn’t. And now with the small amount of grammar I learnt with Kanzen Master JLPT2 after Genki 2, I can understand what I read in most cases (no Newspapers yet, though). :D

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6 Responses to core6k: 5000/5881

  1. Congratulations! Hang in there and you will be done in no time! :-)

  2. snesy says:

    Super tori! Du scheinst ja große Fortschritte zu machen. Wirst du dieses Jahr den JLPT2 machen?

  3. Tori-senpai says:


    僕の書いた文が分かるかどうか分からないなー しかしながら、コメントを書いてありがとうね。


  4. Bokusenou says:

    Do German colleges let you have “undeclared” as your major? Most US colleges let you go undeclared for the first year or two if you want, and a sizable amount of students at my university started off that way, but I don’t know what German colleges are like…^-^;

  5. Bokusenou says:

    Sorry. ^-^; Meant to post that in reply to the “大学?!” post.

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