I feel so helplessly lost in this HUGE pool of Japanese, so called “easy”, grammar once again.. I mean, there is no way around learning it. It’s not the primary problem of understanding grammar when I read sentences in Japanese – but the production of sentences by myself rather. “ha” or “ga” is just a very worn out and ‘classical’ topic that still makes me so.. enraged? Yeah, enraged, I want to understand these basterds once and for all and it seems like there is no proper approach at it. All this mystifies Japanese as an “unlearnable” language for foreigners/especially non-asians, it seems. (And to mention it once again: hey, it’s not only ‘ha and ga’ — it’s far more! you/sou/rashii/sou and allt he conditionals and aida/aidani, made/madeni, when ni and when de etc. etc.)
It’s just so BLOODY frustrating and this feeling takes away immediately all the small steps of small successes I experience some times =.=

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3 Responses to Lost

  1. Bokusenou says:

    For wa/ga: Read “Making Sense of Japanese: What the Textbooks Don’t Tell You” (it’s easily “findable”, if you know what I mean). It has the best explanation of wa vs. ga I’ve ever seen, and covers a lot of other tricky “beginner” grammar points.

  2. Bokusenou says:

    Hmm, I guess you just need to find an explanation that clarifies things for you, or you could try to pay close attention as to how Japanese people use them…

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