Screw it!

I prevented myself from deleting all of my anki deck files by uploading them somewhere safe as a backup after I realised yesterday that I will come to an end with learning and investing time in Japanese. So far, I have not seen especially a light at the tunnel of my listening comprehension and I guess it’s better to stop now than wasting more and more time. Perhaps I will come back but for now I just can’t see any Japanese any longer. It makes me enraged, sad and determined at the same point that this language is only learnable by special people and I’m unfortunately not one of them. That may sound extremely childish but this language learning got my nerves somehow and I want a longer break now…



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One Response to Screw it!

  1. Hi Tori,

    Its sad to read that you quit. Your decision is not at all childish. Because you decided to stop before you start hating it, you are showing a high degree of maturity. As you say yourself: I better stop now, and maybe come back to it, but for now I quit. You also didn’t shut all doors behind you, in that you uploaded your decks where they are save.

    I wish you luck in whatever you are going to do now, enjoy your free time, and come back some day. The language will not run away.


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