Pretty much out of boredom I remembered there was an anime I used to watch called “Nodame Cantabile”, which was a comedy with a good mix out of slap-stick and well played classical music by funny characters. I do not know why I remembered this anime I have watched a long time ago right now, but I simply entered the title in Youtube and started watching the first episode as a RAW, that means without subtitles, neither Japanese nor English, just like that. I still knew what the story was about, but… magically I could understand what they were saying and what they were saying started to make magically sense!! I cannot explain this feeling or how I did it. It just worked!! I had never thought it would, but.. ok, objectively seen, I could understand like 80%, but I am very happy now and loaded with a huge boost that passive listening pays off. Compared to the podcast I’m listening they speak somehow much slower in the anime at some points and it seems like my brain has a) enough time percepting the words and b) enough time to descramble/decipher the meaning and the grammar behind it. I guess I will just continue with my ‘therapy’ of my 聴解 skills as lots of users and friends advised me to!

Yay, I need a 酒 now, no, not one, a bottle, bring me a bottle, man!

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3 Responses to Success?

  1. Bokusenou says:

    Congrats! I love that moment when you re-watch something you couldn’t understand before and now can understand everything! It’s almost surreal.

  2. I feel happy for you! I am also glad that you didn’t give up, and that you have now discovered something that you can truly understand!

  3. IceCream says:

    yeahhhhhh!!!!! おめでとう tori!!! i also remember the first time i experienced that… it’s magic, isn’t it!!!

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