Goals, resolutions

Started ‘learning’ Japanese after RtK1 on 08.01.2011.

Goals were:

* Get started and used to Anki. DONE!

* Finish of core6k before end of the year. DONE!

* 10k words all in all after 12 months. Nah, almost. I guess if I continue like this I will have about 8500 words in Anki by 08.01.2012.

* Writing on Lang8 and make friends. Greatly done! This is really fun and since Decembre as I have no exams any more, I write daily.

Goals for 2012:

* Reading and listening comprehension to 80%.

* Improving on particles (by reading, see above).

* Definitely 10k words, keeping Anki running, adding cards further with Rikai-sama.

* Skype in Japanese (voice-to-voice, no text-chat).

* Translating my poems and short-stories into Japanese by myself.

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4 Responses to Goals, resolutions

  1. shinmanotenchuu says:

    Well, if you want to learn more words. You can use Tagaini Jisho. One could sort through vocab on old-JLPT or learn words by Kanji。
    I’ve been learning words from the JLPT by the grade school level of kanji. Such as JLPT 5 to JLPT 1 related words only using the 1st grade level, the next, and etc. After each grade level I take a rough month break for learning grammar bits, reading, and new vocabulary.

    Started learning on Jan 1, 2011, 自習をして。For a full 365 days.
    Dec 31, 2011… I studied 5903 vocab words. I recognized extra from reading, sometimes listening.
    JLPT Vocab: 4000 (1st-4th grade kanji and kana-only)
    Non-JLPT Vocab: 1903 (1st-4th grade kanji and kana-only)
    Misc. Vocab: ~1500 (4th+ grade kanji and kana-only)

    So, in total I studied ~6000 and recognized ~1500. Listened to music most of the time and radio podcast from http://www.rokinawa.co.jp/
    Wasn’t total Japanese audio immersion. (chinese mandarin/cantonese, korean, and english). Just a majority of my audio was Japanese and Korean.

    Also, looked into equalizing headphones and such. Having a good general EQ setting for audio listening… helps a ton. Then I’ve used things, such as replaygain, to even out audio and such. Get the most out of your listening time with some more little quality. Bought a portable player that can read the replaygain tags. :D sansa

    The more you practice using the EQ, the faster you get at doing it for a new set of headphones.
    Try adjusting it to the overall even tone. Bass sounds punchy/full but not flush. Mid-range sounds soft and subtle, Treble usually sounds best when it’s just slightly noticeable. The treable causes fatigue if too high. The bass just sounds muddy if to loud. The mid-range makes everything sound hollow and narrow, if too loud.

    So, read up on what’s available other than language learning. One may never know when it will help. :D foobar2000, most flexible audio app out there on Windows.

    • shinmanotenchuu says:

      Total recognizable words= ~7500

    • Tori-senpai says:

      Sounds like you did exactly the same as I did. I worked with core6k, though. (After frequency sorted vocabulary, with some tendency towards business vocabularies, but anyway). I added constantly new cards with Rikai-sama to another deck and all in all I covered all JLPT5-3/2 completely, I guess, whereas you cannot say what belongs to “JLPT2” exactly, since it’s like with JLPT1 a massive amount from different realms (medicine, chemistry etc.)
      Like this, I learnt like 8600 vocabularies in a year. Now I’m adding 25 new cards a day and keep up reviewing in Anki every day.

      Do you know by chance how to programm a JDIC Mass Audio Saver?!

  2. Tori-senpai says:

    I’m using iTunes and discovered the EQ now :)
    I turned it to “language”. I don’t understand anything, though:( Do you recommend me making “production” cards!?

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