Using example sentences actually more.. actively?

Ok, so I started using EBwin now and add along the go, while reviewing, “Notes” and “Sentences” for all my Rikai-sama added cards of my Misc.anki deck (4200 cards.. Adding everything manually is pain in the ass really and I hope Rikai-sama will get a major upgrade enabling the save function from different dictionaries, as well!) and the resulsts after a week are brilliant: I talked to a native and when I asked if she understood a very complicated sentence, I wasn’t sure of, she said that it sounds very natural and she understood everything. She said, my Japanese improved, which makes me feel very glad right now, as I know that this new decision was a good choice and step into the right direction towards fluency.

Eijiro/Kenkyusha are the best dictionaries, I think.
I don’t use monolinguals for various reasons; I simply need Jp->Eng with a translation I can keep in mind.

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2 Responses to Using example sentences actually more.. actively?

  1. mark95427 says:

    Hey, can we get an update on your progress? Inspiring blog :D

    • Tori-senpai says:

      Hey Mark!

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, but it has been quite a while since I updated it and in fact, I’ve forgotten that I had maintained a blog in the past pretty much. I lurk around tumblr and pinterest now, so I don’t think I will invest time in keeping alive this blog any further. I just don’t have the time:(

      Thanks for showing interest, though. I will be taking JLPT N2 in this summer and I can read most contemporary novels (like by Haruki Murakami) without using the dictionary much. Still, there are a lot of words appearing I’ve never seen, but I cannot be bothered adding like 30 new cards a day, like I used to, as I am getting busy with life.

      Good luck with your studies,

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