[Poem] What will not return

“What will not return” (03/07/2012)

I did not know that the departure –
my face reflecting on that muddy glass of the train,
sun shining, blue sky, drying my tears,
running down – would mean the end of the
happiness born between the two of us.

People hugging, crying, carrying their luggage,
into the train, the train, crammed, full, it’s very humid,
and slowly the windows gets misted up by all those
people breathing faster, in sadness to go away, back.
A small figure just starring at me behind the train’s door.

Like a seed planted the tree of happiness grew, branches, too
nourished by the North’s sun, the North’s heavy rain pouring.
Walking barefoot through those yellow fields and falling in love
upon the paths end in the woods, the tiny birds shouting for encore,
for more, for an everlasting green tree, symphony of summer.

What will not return, I realised at the stations platform,
train why did you leave? – You took away the colours of my life and now,
now, I’m blind and groping for something to hold on. It was the sun at
high noon, burning it into my skin, what will not return, yet was so beautiful
not to embark to a new shore, further, now.

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