In time I will collect all the useful links I saved in my bookmarks you may like or not for learning Japanese. Excellent ressources. More to come soon~
(If you have any recommendations/additions, please post them in the comment section below, thank you!)

Stuff I did not personally upload is marked as such. Just added for the completeness.


Kimi ni Todoke (2nd)

JLPT Audio stuff

Here we go, my first 1-4 parts. If you export from the big Japanese corePLUS deck only the JLPT3 cards including their media, these are the four first parts, ranging from the mp3-files starting with those hash numbers:

  1. part1 0a-2ab
  2. part2 2ad-4a1
  3. part3 4a3-7b75
  4. part4 7b77-21af

Please feel free to contribute and merge audio files. I used 4 sec. of silence in between for all files/parts you see here. I used MP3Joiner v4. Just drop a comment/mail, thanks!

core – N3 Part 1.mp3 (10.12 MB)
core – N3 Part 2.mp3 (5.21 MB)
core – N3 Part 3.mp3 (13.6 MB)
core – N3 Part 4.mp3 (14.68 MB)


Subtitles (*.srt, etc.)

Stuff (Guides, Tutorials.. chaos)

➝ SRS (Anki) (Sentence mining, srsing, listening, etc.)

*Actually the naming ‘core6k’ is irritating; you will not learn 6000 new cards, but just 4000 (hehe, just), so the equivalent of N1 and N2 (of the JLPT). Once you mastered core2k you go straight forward to core6k – in order to eat the rest of words :)

* About how to usefully exploit the internets, especially Japanese media, such as listed above (FNN, TV Asahi etc. having transcript for the videos/audios).

Spreadsheets and decks (some are public, some are not; different topics, sorted)

➝ The medias*

*As far as I know these are the only two broadcasters which have an online stream that works for an IP being non-Japanese – that means you can watch the stream also while not being in Japan (haha) [correct me if I’m wrong, but the other services say, the video streaming is not available – for a short time. Well, I tried this and it seems like ‘a short time’ defines like actually ‘never’. Anyway.]

Dictionaries and useful look-up pages


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