I did it – Completion of core6k

Oh my, what a feeling! I started the 10th January 2011 with adding cards in core6k, or something like that. I went through 5881 cards… puh.
Adding the cards from my Misc.anki deck: 5881+1848=7729!!

Update: Ok, now I AM drunk lol

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Pretty much out of boredom I remembered there was an anime I used to watch called “Nodame Cantabile”, which was a comedy with a good mix out of slap-stick and well played classical music by funny characters. I do not know why I remembered this anime I have watched a long time ago right now, but I simply entered the title in Youtube and started watching the first episode as a RAW, that means without subtitles, neither Japanese nor English, just like that. I still knew what the story was about, but… magically I could understand what they were saying and what they were saying started to make magically sense!! I cannot explain this feeling or how I did it. It just worked!! I had never thought it would, but.. ok, objectively seen, I could understand like 80%, but I am very happy now and loaded with a huge boost that passive listening pays off. Compared to the podcast I’m listening they speak somehow much slower in the anime at some points and it seems like my brain has a) enough time percepting the words and b) enough time to descramble/decipher the meaning and the grammar behind it. I guess I will just continue with my ‘therapy’ of my 聴解 skills as lots of users and friends advised me to!

Yay, I need a 酒 now, no, not one, a bottle, bring me a bottle, man!

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Screw it!

I prevented myself from deleting all of my anki deck files by uploading them somewhere safe as a backup after I realised yesterday that I will come to an end with learning and investing time in Japanese. So far, I have not seen especially a light at the tunnel of my listening comprehension and I guess it’s better to stop now than wasting more and more time. Perhaps I will come back but for now I just can’t see any Japanese any longer. It makes me enraged, sad and determined at the same point that this language is only learnable by special people and I’m unfortunately not one of them. That may sound extremely childish but this language learning got my nerves somehow and I want a longer break now…



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Short anecdote how I started (and ended) with Japanese food

Do you know what rice pudding is? Ok, assuming you know that. Turn that somehow into something sticky and make おにぎりs out of it, perhaps with some jam filling inside. That’s how you can shock Japanese friend’s when you say you tried Japanese cooking for the first time. My girlfriend was like なななにーーー?? Because of the milk, naturally. Can’t understand why Japanese hate rice pudding O_o I’m basically living on that.

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Back from London

London was great! If you look for some small Japanese community and the possibility buying novels in pounds comparingly cheap, head to Adanami/Mitsukoshi. Preferably Adanami as they have 割引 :)

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Ok, I’m letting a podcast always run on iTunes in the background while doing core6k with the included audio in anki. Is that good or rather contraproductive for my listening comprehension? I’m just listening passively then to the podcast itself and try concentrating as much as possible on the Audio from Anki.

What do you think, experienced learners?

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I feel so helplessly lost in this HUGE pool of Japanese, so called “easy”, grammar once again.. I mean, there is no way around learning it. It’s not the primary problem of understanding grammar when I read sentences in Japanese – but the production of sentences by myself rather. “ha” or “ga” is just a very worn out and ‘classical’ topic that still makes me so.. enraged? Yeah, enraged, I want to understand these basterds once and for all and it seems like there is no proper approach at it. All this mystifies Japanese as an “unlearnable” language for foreigners/especially non-asians, it seems. (And to mention it once again: hey, it’s not only ‘ha and ga’ — it’s far more! you/sou/rashii/sou and allt he conditionals and aida/aidani, made/madeni, when ni and when de etc. etc.)
It’s just so BLOODY frustrating and this feeling takes away immediately all the small steps of small successes I experience some times =.=

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